Patterns of the invisible, 6 June - 14 July 2018

The exhibition of works by John Aslanidis, Sophie Erlund and Zuzanna Skiba at our gallery showroom proposes three genuine artistic positions on the inquiry of the Invisible in its abstract patterns:  sound, waves of energy and unities of space are translated into colour and compositions of repetitive shapes. Sharp edges encounter dynamic structures of circular forms as fixed moments of phenomena escaping the eye. Inspired by scientific research on acoustic reality, topographies of magnetic fields and architectural organisation of space, the works presented at Hilgemann Projects reflect affinities within differences in the approach towards abstract art today.

The three artists are of different ages and personal experiences, coming from Australia, Denmark and Poland, and share fascinations for the universal power of abstraction; each creating their own visual language embedded in their body of work. All three of them have a history of exposing in Berlin and meet for the first time in this exhibition, in order to engage in an exciting dialogue about the meaning of repetition, pattern and the act of becoming a visible form in our aesthetic experience.

Curated by Konstanty Szydłowski

John Aslanidis

Sophie Erlund and Zuzanna Skiba